My name is Tracey Rigler and I have been breeding traditional pure bred Ragdolls along with my parents June and Brian Rigler of Ragtime/Dreamcats since 1988. In January 2001 I added contemporary coloured/patterned Ragdolls to my breeding programe. I am now concentrating on breeding pure english ragdolls to preserve the old english look and lines. Thank you Barry for enabling me to fulfill my dream.

My aim is to breed Ragdolls that are true to the original Raggedy Ann look and type. I am currently breeding with lines that include Josphie's great great great grandson. All of my breeding kittens are sold with NO RESTRICTIONS as I believe the pratice of imposing restrictions on breeding cats limits the available breeding gene pool.

In autumn 2002 I decided to start showing some of my cats with FIFe. My cats have won 11 Best In Show and 9 Best Op Sex. I am now the very proud owner of the UK's only eight European Champion Ragdolls. Click here to view show ragdolls.